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From The Officials Chair - Our Official's Official Perspective:
Written By: Charlie Kohnken


The Officials try to run a smooth meet in a timely fashion.  They like to have the timers sitting for the start. This is for two reasons.  The Timers start their watches on a strobe light. If there are people between the Timers and the strobe they may miss the light and have to start the watch on the beep. Therefore the area between the Timers and the strobe must be clear.  By having the Timers seated, the Officials have a clearer view of the swimmers on the blocks. Some of the ways you can help when you leave the pool are: 1. Don't turn left or right, but instead walk behind the Timer's chairs and then make your left or right turn. 2. Another item is when swimmers want to read  their time off the scoreboard.  They walk out in the pool ten or fifteen feet to read the board. If you want your time off the scoreboard please ask a friend to get it.  A friend can probably get your finish time and also your splits. One or two swimmers have hopped out of the pool and then stand  on the first step of the starting block to get a time. This is after already delaying getting out by walking out fifteen feet.

We the Officials don't want to rush a Master's meet, but we don't want to be there "all day".  The USA swimming has a time limit on sessions. The host club is fined If they go over the time limit.

For relays only the lead swimmer should be in front of the Timers. All other swimmers should be behind the Timer's chairs.

Another problem is swimmers wanting to cheer their buddy on. This is fine, but you don't go between two Timers who are at the blocks trying to get a finish. Your shouting distracts sixteen Timers and two or three other Officials.

I could go on with other items, but I would prefer to have you read and understand the requests I have made. We want you to have fun while working your tails off.