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Rather than reinventing the wheel, please check out these web locations for local meet information:

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U.S. Masters Swimming 1-Hour ePostal National Championship

See how far you can swim in an hour.  This does not have to be non-stop, but you do need a timer.  You have from January 1- February 28 to swim this event.  Take the challenge and see how far you can swim.

Recognizing Our Swimmers

Florida LMSC National Top Ten
Florida LMSC National All-Americans

Florida LMSC Records

SCM – Men  (05/17) Women (05/17) Relays (05/17)

LCM – Men  (05/17) Women (05/17) Relays (05/17)

SCY – Men (01/17) Women (01/17) Relays (05/17)